One Day Trip: Nohashpolli, Safari Park

Date: 15:07:2017

Route details: 

  1. Dhanmondi 4 – Gazipur Chourasta (by VIP 27 bus). Cost: 70 per person

  2. Gazipur Chourasta-Nohashpolli (by leguna (local name)) cost: 600tk 6 person

  3. Entry tickets to Nohshpolli. cost: 1000tk 6 persons (normaly 200tk per person)

  4. Nohashpolli – Safari park ( by motor rikshaw (local name: kachim motor)). cost:  50 tk per person.

  5. Lunch. cost: depends on your preferences

  6. Safari park entry fees: 50 tk person

  7. Core Safari park bus ride: 100 tk per person

  8. Safari Park – Bagher Bazar(by auto). cost; 20tk person.

  9. Bagher bazar – Gazipyr Chourasta (by leguna). cost: 25 tk person.

  10. Gazipur chourasta – Dhanmondi 4 ( by VIP 27 bus). cost: 70 tk per person.


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