Developing ToDos App in Laravel | Day 1

I will be saving laravel project folder in desktop for simplicity. You can choose directory as you wish.

Open Cmder as administrator and give following commands

Change the current directory of Cmder to desktop

cd C:\Users\{User Name}\Desktop

Replace {User name} with your user name.

Create Laravel Project and name it ToDos by following command

composer create-project laravel/laravel ToDos

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The Josephus Problem


The Josephus Problem is a count-out game which is regarded as a theoretical problem in Computer Science or Mathematics. In this game, n people stand in a circle s is the starting number of people. s is holding a sword where skills s+k-1‘th people from his position and gives his sword to s+k‘th people. Thus s+k becomes new s. Going in the same direction this procedure is repeated until one person is left. Remaining one person is marked as a winner.
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The Tower of Hanoi Solution


The Tower of Hanoi problem is a puzzle which can be solved by mathematically and can be implemented in programming code as well. The tower is also called Tower of Brahma or Lucas’ Tower. In this, game there are three pegs and one one of them hold n disks. n disks are ordered from higher radius to lower radius from the bottom to top.
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শাহজী বাজার রাবার বাগান

যেভাবে প্রক্রিয়া জাত করা হয়ঃ ১। ভোর ৫টার দিকে রাবার গাছের বাকল চিকন- পাতলা করে কেটে এর নিচে একটি ছোট পাত্র আটকে দেয়া হয়।

২। সকাল ১০-১১ টার মদ্ধে পাত্রে পর্যাপ্ত পরিমান রস জমা হয়।সিজন ভেদে এর পরিমান কম বেশি হয়। তবে শীতকালে বেশি রস পাওয়া যায়। পাত্রে রস জমা হলে সেটা সংগ্রহ করা হয়।
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One Day Trip: Nohashpolli, Safari Park

Date: 15:07:2017

Route details: 

  1. Dhanmondi 4 – Gazipur Chourasta (by VIP 27 bus). Cost: 70 per person
  2. Gazipur Chourasta-Nohashpolli (by leguna (local name)) cost: 600tk 6 person

  3. Entry tickets to Nohshpolli. cost: 1000tk 6 persons (normaly 200tk per person)
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