Kimi no Na wa. (Your Name.)

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Kimi no Na Wa.

I was expecting a reunion of Taki and Mitsuha. But nothing was happening, this made me sad, I was almost started crying and convinced myself that this anime is going to be finished like 5 Centimeter Per Second but it didn’t.

-“Hey! Haven’t we met?”

-“I thought so too”

-“Your name is…?”

-“Your name is…?”

Something like these speeches I was expecting at the end and surprisingly they got placed.

Another masterpiece of Makoto Shinkai. Amaze myself all the time when it comes about the works of Makoto.  5 Centimeters Per Second, The Garden of Words, and now Your name.
Another favorite quote is ” I am always searching for something, for someone. The feeling has possessed me for sometime.

Although I have not yet watched all the works of Makoto Shinkai but I will soon.
Before Eid ul Adha, I am done with anime. Time to go home…..

Now I feel refreshed….